Best Selling Mac Eyeshadows

If you are a fan of MAC cosmetics, then it is apparent that you would love to own their eyeshadows as well. But in case you do not know which one to purchase first, then you could use our recommendation on the best selling mac eyeshadows for sure.

When it comes to cosmetics brands, MAC has been on the lead for many years now. They are the all-time favorite of the world's most renowned artists as well as general people. MAC cosmetics has come up with all sorts of makeup products, and each of them has created the most significant hype that a brand deserves.

MAC eyeshadows are also as popular among makeup lovers as any of their other products. They come in a single pack or even in pallets. You can get them refilled when you finish one. But the best thing about the MAC eyeshadows is that each of them has its unique characteristics.

Best Selling Mac Eyeshadows

Some of the shadows are shimmering, have a matte finish, sheer or sheen, pigmentation, and powdery, or creamy. MAC has put the best of their eyeshadow formula to be one of the greatest names of the industry.

With the eyeshadows, you can create all the different looks you want. Their formula will not disappoint you with the fallout, crease, sheerness, or any other bad eyeshadow characteristics you can think.

So, how can you use choose which eyeshadow you should be going for? If you are going to review each of them at once, you will stay confused for the rest of your life. That is why we thought about making a list of the top five best selling ones with all the necessary details for you to choose easily.

Top 5 Best Selling Mac Eyeshadows


Satin Taupe- MAC Small Eye Shadow

Satin Taupe- MAC Small Eye Shadow

The first MAC eyeshadow we are going to talk about is Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe is one of the oldest MAC shadows that is still being a top-selling product by MAC. People who have used it are again using even after many years.

Satin Taupe is a cool undertone eyeshadow that has a little bit of brown and a little bit of purple on it, while it can come out as a more bronze color shade on the lid. The undertone also has grey on it and has silver shin. The single pack will offer you 1.5g of eyeshadows in a single pack. Your eyes will look mesmerizing once you wear it.

The color is buildable. It applies to the eyelids smoothly and will not have any fallout. The best part about this shadow is that it goes with any skin tone and eye color. But if you have blue eyes, you will love to have Satin Taupe on your eyelids.

This eyeshadow can be worn at any time of the day or any occasion you want. Whether you are going for a meeting at day time, a glamourous party at night, or a wedding ceremony, this eyeshadow will match with all of your looks and make your eyes stand out.

You can use it with warm tone base shadows for less effect or with dark shades to make it more dramatic. However, you wear it; Satin Taupe is going to make your eyes the best feature of your face.


  • Easy blending and buildable
  • Has brown, purple, grey undertone and silver shin 
  • 1.5g in a single pan
  • Can be worn any time or occasion


  • Some of the reviews said they disliked the purplish tone of the color


Ground Brown- MAC Pro Eye Shadow Refill

Ground Brown- MAC Pro Eye Shadow Refill

The next one we got for you is the Ground Brown Eyeshadow by MAC. If you want to keep some makeup on your purse for a sudden makeup needs, you should select Ground Brown. Also, not to mention, this one is the perfect shade to rock your summertime eye looks, and you will see why!

Ground Brown is one of the leading MAC eyeshadows that everyone uses to create a deepened look. It is a warm undertone eyeshadow color that will surely go with any skin tone you want to apply.

It has a dark brown with a subtle red tinge in it. Ground Brown is a matte finished eyeshadow that will be set correctly over your lid with any color base you want.

This eyeshadow has 1.5 grams of product in one pack. The color can be used for a lighter eyeshadow look or build to even a dark-colored. It is the perfect color that you would want to put on the outer corner of your eye to bring out the best dimension.

Also, if you're going to increase the depth of your crease, Ground Brown can help. For upper or lower lash-line, this eyeshadow can create the smokey eye effect for you.

This eyeshadow is very versatile than it may seem. You can use it for various occasions. But it is the perfect shadow to create an in-depth summertime look that you can wear all the time if you want.

Ground Brown is that shadow that will keep the matte-finished on your eyelids. The smooth application will help you to create the thick eyelash look easily.


  • Warm undertone
  • Has brown and subtle red 
  • Matte finish 
  • Best for a summertime makeup look


  • Some customers found it a little hard to work with


Twinks - MAC Small Eye Shadow Refill Pan

Ground Brown- MAC Pro Eye Shadow Refill

Our next best option is the Twinks by MAC. Imagine you are running late and do not have any time to do your eye makeup. If you own twinks, you can just pop it all over your lid and call it a day.

Twink eyeshadow by MAC is that shade that you can wear as a single color on your eyelids. If you are someone with brown hazel or green eyes, this color is going to look beautiful on your eyes; MAC describes this shade as a more plum red color and warm undertone. It has a hint of gold sheen on it as well.

The color is not matte, but it applies so well on the eyelids you will be surprised. The shadow is highly pigmented, making it an amazing choice for a single shadow looks or smokey eye looks. If you are looking for a brown tone for creating your smokey eye, you can count Twinks as a winner.

Also, this brown-toned Twinks is suitable for every skin tone. Whether you have a darker complexion or a light, this eyeshadow will look amazing on your skin.

The sheer sheen of the gold will help you to maintain the sparkle, and the brown color will pop-up the depth of your eyes. It is a great color to wear on every occasion and goes with any look you're trying to create.


  • Plum brown color
  • Has golden sheen 
  • Suitable for all skin tone
  • Warm undertone 


  • The golden sheen is not preferable for everyone


Woodwinked - Exclusive by MAC Small Eye Shadow

Woodwinked - Exclusive by MAC Small Eye Shadow

If you have brown eyes and thinking which color will go the best with your eyes, we have the answer for you. The MAC cosmetics Woodwinked eyeshadow is the perfect one for making the brown-eyed people look amazing with their eye looks.

One thing about brown-eyed people is that they can use whatever color they want in their eyelids, and they will look amazing. But finding out that one shadow, which will rock every outfit and every event you go is the best thing ever. It will lessen a lot of burdens, mainly when you are running out of time.

Woodwinked is a very warm-toned eyeshadow that has a light brown color to it and a very golden bronzy shimmer. It is a medium-dark eyeshadow that will leave a metallic finish on your eyelids. The application is very smooth, and the pigmentation is out of the world.

This eyeshadow is the perfect one for any daylight events. You can also use it for night events with an addition of a little dramatic eyeliner. The golden shimmer of this one is perfect to be on the inner and outer corner of your eyes.

With Woodwinked, you can create that ''one eyeshadow" look quickly. Whether a shimmering lid or smokey eye look, Woodwinked can build into whatever look you want to go. It can have a lighter or darker effect, depends on how you want to use it.


  • Best for brown eyes 
  • Has light brown color with golden shimmer
  • Metallic finish 
  • Perfect for day or night time 


  • A lot of reviews said that the golden shimmer overpowers the brown on it


Cork – MAC Small Eye shadow

Cork – MAC Small Eye shadow

The final product from our list of the best selling MAC eyeshadows is the MAC Cork single eyeshadow. This is another brown colored eyeshadow by MAC, which is available with a matte finished.

There should be an eyeshadow on your collection that will high compliment your skin tone. Cork could be that one for you. Cork has a very muted yet medium brown tone of color on it.

It is a warm yellow undertoned eyeshadow that will leave a matte finish. The eyeshadow is very much pigmented, and you can expect excellent coverage as well. It has a soft texture but is very powder and blendable.

This brown color is less dark than other browns. You can put it all over your eyelid for a soft look or use it to create a soft smokey eye. That one could be used as a base for your black smokey eye looks as well. It does not contain any shimmer and lasts for more than eight hours. So, if you are a matte freak, you will love this eyeshadow on your eyes.

This is a great color to pop-up all over your eyes for a day time look. As for a nighttime look, it can be used as a blending shadow or a base. This is perfect for all skin tones. The light brown will look good on both pale and dark complexion. 


  • Light brown color
  • Matte finish
  • No shimmer 
  • Warm yellow undertone


  • It is a bit too powder for some people's preference

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Selling MAC Eyeshadows

Buying makeup products will need the right amount of concentration. You will want to hoard all the items you can get your hands at, but sometimes its better to not waste all your money on the things you will never use.

So, before you buy your best mac eyeshadow, we will like to remind you of few things that you better keep in mind so you will be getting the accurate products that can come to your need.



The first thing you should be concentrating on is the type of shadow, whether it is matte, metallic, or shimmering finish or if it's powdery or creamy. These factors are very important as you want may want to create a particular type of looks.



The next thing you need to know is the color of the eyeshadow. Definitely, you should buy the color that will suit your eyes and skin. Also, you should focus on the color that you will be able to use.



The more this developed, the better features it got and easier and time saving it has become to operate. So before you go on a search for the best compact taser, you need to think about a few things and keep those in mind, especially if you are new in using a taser.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Selling Mac Eyeshadows


Is MAC Cruelty-free?

Yes, MAC cosmetics are cruelty-free.


Are the Pan Eyeshadows Refillable?

All of the single pan eyeshadows are refillable.


Having one MAC eyeshadow is a must need for all the makeup lovers. These eyeshadows are one of the strongest soldiers of the eyeshadow games. You can finish all your looks just by a single touch of MAC eyeshadows.

We hope that our list of the best selling MAC eyeshadows will help you to find the one that you have been looking for and create all the gorgeous looks you want to create on your eyes.

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