Best Shampoo for Colored Locs

Do you have dreadlocks or locs, and they are colored to make you more stylish? Well, you may have faced some problems regarding finding a suitable shampoo for hair with the combination of locs and color. No more worries, as we are here to help you find the best shampoo for colored locs.

Having dreadlocks is very meaningful for every person. Dreadlocks are not any simple hairstyles. Instead, it has its meaning, which is related to freedom. To make the stylish dreadlocks more stylish, people will color them with different gradients. But one thing they face difficulty with is to find the right kinds of products to treat them.

The most problematic product is shampoo. Dreadlocks themselves need particular kinds of shampoo to keep them free of dirt and keep the locs looking fine. As for colored hair, no one wants to use any product that can strip the color away. Hence, when these two problems get together, it becomes a disaster for some people.

Many companies have come up with the shampoos for colored dreadlocks. Among them, we have found the best one to recommend you after doing some research. So, keep on reading to know what we have got for you.

The Top Three Best Shampoo for Colored Locs List


Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo

Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo

The first product that we are going to recommend is the Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo that is formulated to help hair repair, recover, and keeping them healthy. It is one of the best shampoos to keep your colored loc in the best state.

The shampoo is enriched with coconut well that helps you to nourish and moistures the hair keeping them away from dehydration and damage. It also comes with the condition that has Ylang Ylang flower oil to help you reduce every chance of damage. All the ingredients used in this shampoo is natural to get the best state of the hair.

If you colored dreadlocks are facing problems regarding breakage, damage, and need intensive care and repair, this shampoo with the infused organic oil will help you solve the problem. This shampoo is vegan and free of cruelty. 


  • All-natural ingredient
  • Enriched with coconut oil
  • Reduces damage and breakage
  • Comes with a conditioner formulated with Ylang Ylang flower oil


  • Some people complain that it does contain some chemicals


Dollylocks 8oz Nag Champa Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo

Dollylocks 8oz Nag Champa Liquid

The next product from our list is the Dollylocks 8oz Nag Champa Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo. This one is a very popular shampoo for treating dreadlocks in general.

This shampoo has all the top-high ingredients for keeping hair healthy and full of strength. The shampoo has a very earthy floral Nag Champa scent that will make your dreads smelling like natural flourishment. Although it is highly recommended for mature dreadlocks to treat colored locs, this one does all the amazes.

All the ingredients used in this product is high-quality. This shampoo is free of all phthalate or any artificial fragrance. The shampoo is weightless and residue-free. It will leave your hair shiny and smooth. The formula is consisting of pure botanicals and organic coconut to nourish hair.


  • The formula consists of pure botanicals and organic coconut 
  • Has a floral Nag Champa scent
  • No hard chemical
  • Keeps hair healthy and strong


  • The shampoo may have problem lathering on the hair properly


Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo

Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo

For the final product, we are suggesting the Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo. Knatty Dread is that one brand, which is quite popular with its many products for dreadlocks. Their shampoo is also a favorite among people.

The first feature of the shampoo to mention to you is that this shampoo will work to tighten your dreads and help them to grow with strong and thick locks. The shampoo does not have any scent to it and free of extra leave-on residue. It will smooth up your locks and make them look shiny and keep them fresh throughout the days.

This is not only great for dreadlocks but also for those with colored ones. It will help you to keep the color intact and free of damage. The shampoo also reduces the drying time after you wash your hair, which is an excellent option as dreadlocks may take a long time to dry properly. The formula is highly coconut-based to keep the hair nourished.


  • Tightens and helps to grow the locs
  • Residue-free and unscented 
  • Reduces drying time
  • Has coconut on the formula


  • Some users' complaint about frizz

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shampoo for Colored Locs

Finding the right kind of product will change your hair a lot. People with dreadlocks, color dreadlocks, or even colored hair in general struggles a lot to find the right product that can help their hair.

We have given you our top three products to help your colored locs. Now, you should be reviewing the few things we are going to mention to you when you are buying the product.



Ingredients of shampoo are very crucial. You always have to look for what is used in the formula so that nothing harms your hair and strips away the color.


What They Are Made For

Well, the ones we have listed are made explicitly for dreadlocks. But we would still want to warn you that when you are buying, you should be making sure that they are made for colored dreadlocks to avoid any harm.



The last thing to remember is the price of the product. If you are in budget, then you should be looking for one that is cheap but good. But if you can afford it then better to spend a little to help your locs.


Your dreadlocks need a lot of maintenance if you want them to keep on looking good. We hope that you will be able to find the right shampoo from our list of the best shampoo for colored locs and help them to stay in great shape and keep the color to be vibrant.

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