Best Conditioner for Locs

Proper moisturizing is one of the essential things to keep your dreadlocks healthy and soft. Natural hair does not dry out as frequently as locked hair. That’s why you have to take extra care of your locked hair. We are here to help you find the best conditioner for Locs.

No doubt, locked hair is a different and stylish choice that we do not see often. Since not too many women does this style, there are fewer products concerning the problems and nourishment of the new hair. And if you search the internet, you will find that there are not enough information and discussion about it. There are a few, but not enough.

In this environment, it is possible to have miss information about taking care of them. You have to provide your hair enough moistures so that they can have enough hydration. Otherwise, they might quickly turn brittle and break off, which is a common problem. You should always keep dreadlock-friendly beauty products near you.

 Conditioner for Locs

Conditioner is one of the most vital products necessary for your dreadlocks. We have searched the market and made a list of the five best conditioners for Locs available in the market, which will save a lot of time for you. You can comfortably get either one or more of them.

These five are the best options for your necessary conditioner. In case you want to have other options, we have discussed some key factors in the end. They should give you a clear idea of what to look for in a conditioner.

Top 5 Best Conditioner for Locs

Royal Locks Curl Quench Conditioner | Wavy and Curly Hair Hydration

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Royal Locks Clean Curls Shampoo and Curl Quench Conditioner Set for Curly...

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This conditioner is the combination of all the natural ingredients, such as argan and macadamia oils. This oil and argan protect your hair from being brittle, falling off, and overall gives your curls a smooth, finished look. All the natural ingredients mixed in the perfect proportion.

This luxurious formula has some of the essential properties that are vital for hair nourishment. One of them is the healing of the damaged hair. It heals the damaged hair by providing the necessary protein supplements. It ensures the proper hydration of the curly hair. Whether you have wavy or kinky hair, you will get excellent benefits from it.

Your beautiful wavy and curly hair can have threatening problems like being frizzy and untamed. The unique formula of this conditioner treats these problems. Your curls can not be soft and bright if there is not enough strength in the fibers. This conditioner is not only a solution but also prevention of your hair from unnecessary damage.

Royal Locks does not test their hair on any animals, which might lead to false results. The conditioner is tested on women with different types of curly hairs and locks so that the feedback from all kinds of curls can be observed. Then it is redesigned if there were any side effects in any type of hair.


  • A rich blend of natural ingredients
  • No risk of harmful chemicals
  • Proper nourishment for your sensitive curls
  • Gives necessary hydration wash
  • Great for curly and kinky hair
  • Tested on varieties if curls


  • The intense perfume scent can be disturbing for some people

Jamaican Mango & Lime Protein Conditioner

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Jamaican Mango & Lime Protein Conditioner, 8 Ounce

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This Jamaican conditioner is another product that will help you taking care of your locks and overall hair as well. The natural ingredients of this conditioner make it safe and friendly for sensitive and soft curls. The natural moisturizer makes it a popular choice among men as well.

Proper nourishment from the natural ingredients helps the hair to prevent any kind of unwanted breakage. Breaking of locked and curled hair is one of the most common problems. Hair can get weaken quickly if proper care is not taken. Using this conditioner will help you improve the broken hairs.

One other common problem of hair is the dandruff problem. Applying this conditioner regularly after an excellent shampoo will prevent any kind of dandruff problem. You do not have to be embarrassed about poor dandruff in front of your friends anymore.

The sweet scent is an excellent addition to the fantastic properties. The lovely smell from fresh hair can change the mood all around you. If your partner loves to smell your hair after you shampoo, using this conditioner will give him a sweet treat. Who does not like the smell of juicy tropical mangoes?


  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive and curly hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Nourishment for weak hairs
  • Keeps you free from dan dandruff
  • Lovely hair scent


  • May not be too useful for afro-centric curls

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray Coco-Knotty

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Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray Coco-Knotty 8oz

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What differs this conditioner from other products of our list is that it is a leave-in conditioner. Applying regular conditioner is basically doing shampoo all over again, which is an extra step many of us would like to avoid. Also, spending too much time in a shower can be harmful to your health.

If you like to use a conditioner like oil and avoid rewashing the hair, then this is the perfect product for you. This leave-in spray conditioner is very comfortable to use. You can even get help from a pair of extra hands to thoroughly applying conditioner. The natural ingredients increase the elasticity of hair and prevent them from damaging breakage.

Your frizzy and loose hair will get proper treatment and become smooth and soft as well. Dreadlocks can be fragile when they become dry and weak. This light formula makes it also usable on synthetic hair. You can apply this conditioner on synthetic hair when water washing them is not possible.

There is no question about any worrying build up after applying conditioner. You do not have to have locked or curl hair to enjoy this fantastic product. You can still use it and love it. Natural hair growth rate improvement and overall texture development easily make it our third pick.


  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Easier to use than ordinary conditioners
  • Increases elasticity of the hair
  • Prevents damaging breakage
  • Softens frizzy and lose hairs
  • Useable on synthetic hair as well


  • Does not come with a spray nozzle

Twists n Locs Organic Leave-In Conditioner

This time, it’s another leave-in conditioner. The vitamin E formula of this conditioner repairs the broken hair and instantly softens them. It is full of natural, nourishment ingredients that improve the heir condition and overall therapy. The olive oil properly moistures the hair preventing them from being brittle.

The keratin protein is an essential ingredient necessary for the structural improvement of hairs. This conditioner supplies the proper amount of keratin protein that makes the hair healthy and durable. Locked hairs need to have an adequate amount of strength to keep the Locs safe and sustainable.

Who does not want a silky and shiny hair? If your hair is more polished than your friend’s, it will be an excellent conversation opener. You can recommend this conditioner to your friend as well if you see fit. Unhealthy hairs do not look as good as the healthy hairs because of the underneath damage.

However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind is that occasionally the manufacturer company may change the proportion of the ingredients than showing on the website. You should always check the labels to be sure that the product does not contain too much of any sensitive material.


  • It is a lightweight conditioner
  • The vitamin E repairs damaged hair
  • Proper moisturization from natural olive oil
  • Keratin protein strengthens the hair
  • Keeps the locks healthy and durable
  • Makes the curls silky and shiny


  • Ingredient labels of the delivered products need to be checked

Tropi-Locs Hair Vitals Leave-in Hair Butter Conditioners

What makes this butter conditioner unique and brings it on the fifth position of our list is the fact that this product is hand made with proper care. This conditioner is a combination of all-natural oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, olive oil, and many more. Unlike other products, this one is rich in natural oil ingredients.

Home-made products are usually free of any harmful chemicals, and this conditioner is no exception. Chemicals can be hazardous to sensitive, thin hairs. No preservatives were used to keep the conditioner last longer. When you are using beauty products to keep your hair safe, the safety of the product itself should not be questioned.

The applying method is straightforward, like any other oil. Dry your hair after a thorough shampoo and then apply the conditioner like any other oil. Take a finger amount and rub it in the palms then thoroughly apply on your hair. Make sure all your hairs get the conditioner properly. Although there is no risk of any side effects of overusing the conditioner, you should not get carried away anyway.

There is one fact you should know that the product is made of butter and oils. The appearance and color may change depending on the weather, heat, and humidity condition of the area. Keep in mind what kind of weather conditions your area has so that you don’t freak out if the conditioner is all melted.


  • Made at home with care
  • All-natural ingredients
  • The most amount of natural oils
  • Chemicals and preservative-free
  • Leave-in conditioner easy to use 
  • Treats processed hair as well


  • Appearance and color may change in different weather condition

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Conditioner for Locs

Buying a conditioner for your precious Locs can be hard as there are lots of products to choose from. The thing that makes you suffer the most is the uncertainty of the safety of your hair. All the varieties of the product might make you nervous about damaging your Locs instead of improving them.

In this list, we have described five of the best conditioner for Locs. Each one of them is best in their own nature. You can get either one or more of them without much headache. However, if you decide to go for other options, there are some vital factors that you should keep in mind.


It is undoubtfully the most critical factor. You should read the labels to find out the composition of the conditioner. The more natural ingredients, the better the product. If your hair gets dry a lot, look for the conditioner that is richer in oil components. And, if your hair is weak and breaks a lot, you should have a conditioner that has the most amount of proteins.

Conditioner Type

Conditioner can be of two kinds, regular conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. Not everyone likes to wash the hair multiple times. If that is the case, you should consider having a leave-in conditioner. Otherwise, any standard conditioner is good enough for natural hair.


Safety is the biggest concern for any kind of beauty product. Lots of manufacturer companies use chemical ingredients to enhance the performance of their products. You should not use any conditioner that uses chemicals and preservatives. All-natural elements should be your priority.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Conditioner for Locs

Can Hair Conditioners Be Used on Permed Hair?

Yes, these conditioners are great for permed hair as well. Conditioners make permed hair more silky and beautiful.

Is Hair Conditioner Safe for Synthetic Hair?

Yes, they are safe for synthetic hair as well.


There is doubt that hair Locs require some extra attention than natural hair. Dreadlocks need to be relatively more durable than natural or curly hairs. Many beauty products are available to increase the beauty of the Locs. Conditioners are one of the essential hair products and frequently available as well. But buying a proper one can be a headache.

However, with this list, we hope that now you know which one’s are the best conditioner in the market right now. With these products and the thoroughly described vital consideration, you will find your best conditioner for Locs. We wish you a satisfactory purchase, take care.

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