How to Use Hot Rollers on Short Hair

Today, we discuss how to use hot rollers on short hair? For the curly-haired girls, taming their Medusaesque big, frizzy hair may become the biggest challenge in life and a matter of constant frustration, whereas, for the pin-straight, shiny-haired girls, it is equally cumbersome as their hair may lack in volume and style.

It becomes even greater an issue when you have short hair as it is more prone to frizz and actually has a mind of its own, in these cases, the only time the hair looks good is when visiting a hair salon. You must be wondering, that is where curling iron comes to the rescue, right? Well, hold your horses, girlie! Curling irons work well on thick hair but on fine, limp hair, it doesn’t work so well as the curls don’t seem to hold properly.

But Hot rollers work on all types of hair and it is darn quick. Here is how to use hot rollers on short hair:

How to Use Hot Rollers on Short Hair

Choosing the Right Roller

For the tight curly hair look, you will need short rollers but if you want glossy, loose waves, go for the largest ones. But keep in mind, you need to have shoulder-length hair to use the large ones. For the ladies with thick hair, here is a fine article to pick the right one for you!

Prepping The Hair

Your hair may be short but it still will be needing to be provided protection from the heat, especially because short hair is more prone to breakage. Use a good heat protectant on your hair and make sure you get all the tangles out of the hair first. A moisturizing mousse may help to retain the curls longer too.

How to Use Hot Rollers on Short Hair (step-by-step)

Partitioning The Hair Into Sections

To curl the hair from the forehead first, create a Mohawk of 2 inches wide starting at the forehead and all the way to the back of your neck. Then part the hair on the sides of your hair into small sections. For more defined, tighter curls, divide your hair into smaller sections. One-inch sections are ideal for this.

Put The Rollers On

Putting the rollers from top to bottom will get the job done faster and will also prevent tangles from forming. Roll every section onto the scalp including the tip of the hair to get the perfect curls. Use clips to secure them in place.

Leave Them On Until They Cool Down

Patience is the key here. If you don’t wait until they are completely cool, the curls won’t be lasting long. Just keep busy with something else and wait it out!

Remove The Rollers and Style The Hair

Starting from the bottom, gently take off the clips and let the rollers drop out of the curl. Do not hurry and tug your hair, it may seriously damage the hair and also the curls. To make sure the curls last longer, do not brush the hair. Rundown your fingers through the curls to smoothen them out and use a good hairspray to keep them in place. For smooth and silky hair, a Therapeutic hair transplant may be a wonderful idea.

Curling short hair with hot rollers is easy and fast. The hot roller is the best option to minimize the damage caused by heat and also to achieve the classic, retro look. So, put aside that curling iron and start rolling those beautiful tresses! I hope these tricks will make the process to curl your hair short hair a lot easier and hassle-free!

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