How to Swoop Bangs With Flat Iron

If you want to add a little more volume to your bangs, you may wonder how to swoop bangs with a flat iron. This is a great way to add extra style and volume to your hair. In just a few simple steps, you can create fuller, swooping bangs that will look great and stay in place all day long. In this article, we’ll discuss how to swoop bangs with flat iron!

How to Swoop Bangs With Flat Iron

Bangs are an easy way to add volume and texture to your hair. If you want a more formal hairstyle, it is best to keep them swept away from the face, making them easier to style. If you want a more casual look, swooping bangs can be styled to frame the face and create maximum volume.

Things You’ll Need

  • Flat Iron
  • Hair Dryer
  • Shine Serum
  • Hair Spray
  • Water
  • Bobby Pin
  • Mane comb
  • Hair-trimming scissors

A Step by Step Guide on How to Swoop Bangs With Flat Iron

Step 1: Determiner How Much Bangs You’d Like to Swoop

Before you begin, you should determine how much hair you want your bangs to swallow up. How much doesn’t matter as long as it’s not ridiculously short. For this tutorial, let’s say that we’re going for a sweeping line about halfway across my forehead. How high or wide your swoop is all up to you. The higher the swoop, the more time-consuming it’ll be with drying and styling your hair afterward, so keep in mind how much time you have before leaving the house!

Step 2: Sleek down any Wet Hair with Flat Iron

Start by prepping damp hair with a flat iron until no small waves are left in your locks. This ensures a smooth surface for your next steps. Flatting iron wet hair will depend on your tools and how you prefer it done. The important part is that no waves remain afterward.

If you have some wave or even some kinks left in your hair, take a bit of shine serum and rub them out with the help of a mane comb so they won’t trouble you later on! If you can blow-dry your hair before using the flat iron, do so as this will further straighten everything out. Blowing dry hair isn’t particularly hard either but keep a hairdryer nearby if things aren’t looking sleek enough yet!

Step: Getting Rid of Volume

Because we’re swooping bangs, we can’t have any volume on the top of our heads. Otherwise, it’ll be more of a challenge to swoop them. With an excellent ol’ flat iron, that’s how!

Bangs Are Sleeked Down, Time to Swoop!

Start with your usual sectioning and then pull each strand that needs to be flat-ironed over the barrel towards you and away from your face (away from your face and not down) and run through with the flat iron for about 5 seconds before letting go and moving on to do another section. Repeat this until all areas are done, and no volume is left in sight! If there is still some popping up afterward, go back over the section for an extra couple of seconds until nothing remains.

Step 3: Swoop Bangs

Now that you’re bangs are sleeked down, time to swoop! Start with your usual sectioning but separate only the front pieces. All of this will fall under the section you just worked on, so don’t worry about it getting caught between two sections. How much hair you want in your swoop is up to your discretion but remember that more hair isn’t always better here.

Once you have everything swept forward, take a bobby pin and place it horizontally behind where your swoop begins at temple level. Only use one bobby pin at the most! This serves as security, so none of your hair gets left behind when you release it from being pinned back. If needed, pin back excess pieces before swooping.

Step 4: The Hairdryer Part

Now that your bangs are pinned back, you’ll need to dry them until there’s nothing left but a small amount of water. How much time this takes depends on how large your section is and how long your hair is.

Don’t worry about the length during this step! Let the water evaporate naturally out of the ends or by using a quick burst of air from a hairdryer without pointing it downward toward the roots, as this will only make the swoop fall flat again.

If you have bangs with multiple layers, give each one its drying session, so they don’t all drop at once! If you’re worried about frizziness, then use a light leave-in conditioner or serum to prevent any damage and flyaways.

Step 5: Fix If Bangs Get Flattened

After you’re done, you may still think that your swoop is lying completely flat on your forehead rather than sweeping inward. If this is the case, we can either wait until it dries out naturally or revive it with some hairspray!

This step isn’t mandatory, but depending on what kind of hair spray you use, there’s a possibility that you’ll be left with some stiff wings for the rest of the day so again – remember how much time you have before leaving home!

Revive It With Some Hairspray!

Again, I highly recommend using a light misting of hairspray instead of a heavy one because it’s much easier to tame and won’t leave any flakes.

Step 6: Fix A Drooping Swoop 

If your swoop gets too droopy during the day, you can always go back in with some more bobby pins! If you already used up all of your bobby pins for additional security earlier (which I recommend), try using two extra ones before resorting to hairspray or other products.

Either way, it should be enough to fix that droopiness until you can freshen things up again at home or when you get to work, if not sooner! These steps will help in how to swoop bangs with flat iron.

Tips And Warnings

1. Before swooping, curl your hair to create a smooth surface for the flat iron to glide through. This will reduce the risk of snagging or tearing.

2. Use a 1 inch or smaller flat iron – more oversized irons might be too heavy for fine hair, which leads to breakage and split ends. Using a larger flatiron can also take excessively long amounts of time.

3. Be careful when using the flatiron on the bangs as this area tends to have more flyaway hairs that can snag easily or, worse, get burnt by the hot plate of the straightener! Bangs generally need special attention with styling because they are more challenging than other sections of hair due to their eyes and face skin-to-hair proximity.

4. Use a serum when flat ironing to protect against damage and give each swoop your full attention and concentration, thus creating nice and even bends with no kinks or creases.

Use a Serum

5. Tension is key to creating waves and swoops with your flatiron. The tighter the curl, the less tension will give a loose wave or swoop. Of course, each head of hair is different, but we want to create tight coils that are smooth and sleek for this article.

6. Be sure all curls are completely cooled before touching them! Save yourself some finger burns by letting them cool completely before touching them! It’s important not to touch your newly styled bangs while they are hot, so you don’t mess up your work! This means no peeking or testing – if you look closely enough at your bangs, you’ll get burned, I guarantee!

7. Sweep the bangs to one side or create lovely swooping waves on both sides; whatever you prefer is totally up to you! Swooping bangs with a flat iron is easy enough for anyone with some practice and patience. If, at first, your swoops aren’t perfect, don’t be discouraged; persevere, and soon your bangs will be looking fantastic in no time!

Maintaining Your Swoop Bangs

Now that you have swoop bangs. Here’s how you maintain:

First of all, forget about brushing your swoop bangs straight down with a fine-tooth comb to look fancy for a night out. This won’t work. Instead, you have to take a round brush and sweep them from side to side for that following morning’s work meeting. Some people prefer the left while some prefer the right.

Just try both ways and see what works best for each person’s face shape. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, it will be easier to swoop bangs straight down instead of sweeping it from side to side because your cheekbones should help give you a more defined look without any flyaways. But if you have an oval-shaped face like me with high cheekbones, then go ahead with the swoop bangs move.

Use More bobby pins

You can use hair spray with your flat iron to help crisp the swoop bangs. It also helps keep it in place, especially if you just got it cut and wait three days before styling your hair again. This will allow for proper healing of the swoop bangs to be styled right back into place.

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We hope you have learned how to swoop bangs with flat iron. Swoop bangs are a great way to add a touch of glamour into your look for days when you don’t feel like doing much. Swoop bangs are a great style for summer and can be done with a flat iron in just minutes. The style is also super easy and only requires a flat iron to achieve it. With the right tools and a little practice, you can create this style at home. Give it a try!

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