How to Replace Bulb in Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirrors are used to help you with your makeup. Some people use them for applying makeup, and others just like the way they reflect light on their face, which is a good thing because there are many benefits of using mirrors in this manner. One of the reasons is that you can see your reflection better in a mirror, and it also gives you an idea of what others will be seeing as well.

How to Replace Bulb in Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted makeup mirrors are great for two reasons: they provide more light to make tasks like applying eye shadow easier, and they come with magnified parts, so you don’t have to strain or move around too much when trying to put on eyeliner. In this article, we’ll help discuss how to replace bulb in conair lighted makeup mirror.

Processes on How to Replace Bulb in Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Process One

  • First, dim or turn off any lights in the room so that it’s as dark as possible.
  • Remove three small screws from around the edge of the frame with a Phillips screwdriver and then remove two more screws on the sides of the fitting where wires go to bulbs. This exposes the metal bracket holding the glass plate. You can now carefully wiggle out this plate for easier access to its wiring connections.
  • Disconnect these by removing their respective nuts and gently pull apart wire bundles until they are separated enough so that you have room to work on them later if need be (or use needle nose pliers).
  • Unscrew the old bulb by turning counterclockwise, then you and replace it with the new one.
  • Reconnect wire bundles by pushing them back together and screwing in nuts to secure them tightly. Replace metal bracket holding glass plate so that bulbs can be screwed into place (do not over tighten screws).

If you need to, use needle nose pliers on the connecting wires if they are too short for your needs, or try a more flexible cord of sufficient length, such as an extension cord. Put three small Phillips head screws back around the frame edge and then put two larger ones on sides where the wiring goes through from bulb connections.

Process Two: 

  • Remove chain puller lamp assembly at the top of the mirror arm
  • Remove the bulb from the housing
  • Replace old or broken bulb with a new one of the same wattage
  • Reassemble lamp assembly and chain puller to top arm
  • Turn the light switch on, turn the mirror power dial to “ON” position (position closest to hand)

Process Three:

  • Remove the old bulb from the fixture.
  • Clean up any remaining pieces of glass or plastic shard, as they can cause injury while installing new lightbulbs. – Put on gloves before removing the broken piece, and a vacuum cleaner should be used for cleanup afterward.
  • Install a new bulb by screwing it into place securely with its mounting screws and plugging it in. If electricity is not available, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry back plastic film covering wires inside the lamp socket.
  • Leave wire uncovered when finished so that there’s contact between metal prongs at the base of the new tube and one strip only on the outside edge of brass coils embedded within the ceramic-metallic spiral that coils around the end of the tube.
  • Press in on wire insulation and pull it until it’s tight enough to touch both metal prongs at the base of the new bulb–turn socket counterclockwise with one hand while holding lamp fixture steady with another hand, then turn the light on for a few minutes before turning off again to test if there are any blown bulbs or loose connections.
  • If the light still does not work, replace all bulbs within the fixture as the problem is most likely due to faulty wiring rather than the individual bulb being bad.


  • If you have an oil lamp, make sure to use a clean, dry wick or cotton balls soaked in kerosene.
  • Lamp chimneys should be kept clear of any obstructions such as soot and dust buildup on the inside that could cause a fire hazard–brush with soap and water if necessary but do not pour the liquid down the chimney.
  • Turn off all power before you work on lamps! This includes unplugging lamps from wall outlets, turning off switches for overhead lights, removing fuses controlling electrical current going into the socket where light is to be replaced (or replacing fuse), etc.
  • Check your owner’s manual for more information about how to turn off electricity at specific locations near the building if there are no instructions within the immediate vicinity.
  • Never touch the glass parts of a lamp with bare hands as oils and dirt can cause an electrical short circuit that could start a fire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Replace The Bulb of My Makeup Mirror With a Led Bulb?

No, Conair does not recommend replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs because they cause an uneven light output which can distort how your makeup looks when using a mirror.

Do I Buy a Universal or Specialized, Similarly-sized, Led/CFL Replacement Bulb for My Conair Makeup Mirror?

The type of replacement bulb you need will depend on the makeup mirror that is used. You may be able to find a universal or similarly-sized LED/CFL replacement light bulb for your Conair makeup mirror.

But these bulbs might not provide enough wattage for this make and model. A lighted makeup mirror needs at least 40 watts of power in order to produce sufficient illumination.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you to replace the bulb in your Conair lighted makeup mirror. We recommend buying a replacement LED or CFL with at least 40 watts of power, such as Philips HUE LIGHTING A19-0660/12 60W.

You may also want to consider other aspects which can change how well it will fit into your home, like size and color.

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