How to Moisturize Curly Weave

People often get confused about how to moisturize their curly weave hair. In this guide, we will give you some advice on how to moisturize curly weave hair from your home and also give some useful tips & tricks on maintaining your curly weave hair. We hope that these tips help you out!

How to Moisturize Curly Weave

Things You’ll Need

  • Curly Weave
  • Towel
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hair Moisturizer (optional)
  • Wide Tooth Comb, Brush, or Denman Dental Pad
  • Blower
  • Hairdryer
  • Detangler Comb
  • Virgin Hair Oil

Steps To Follow on How to Moisturize Curly Weave

Step 1: 

First, take down your curly weaves. You can do this by simply sitting at a table and pulling the weave forward with both hands until it reaches past your head. Now you have two options in taking care of them: you could either wear them back up or lay them flat on top of each other (to form one big curl).

Step 2: 

Next, wash out the hair and then condition as usual to make sure all product residue is removed from your curls. To add an extra layer of moisture, use some leave-in products before blow-drying it for best results!

Step 3: 

Then brush through any tangles left behind after washing off the product buildup. This will help get rid of snarls which may lead to excessive breakage.

Step 4: 

Once the hair is dry, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots or tangles in your curls. This will help keep them from getting too tangled up during wear and tear on day-to-day activities!

Step 5: 

Put the hair back in its protective style of choice (it should be very easy because you just washed it) by wigs, braids, or twists that are long term safe styles for curly weaves – something else not recommended would be ponytails/buns which can cause matting over time!

The best way to store these hairstyles is either flat against your head (for an updo), put into curlers at night before bed (if wearing down), put under a hair cap to protect it while you sleep, or put in a braid/ponytail.

Step 6:

When taking the curly weave out of your protective style, rinse and condition as usual with products that are safe for curls, such as Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie (which is an affordable yet high-quality curl friendly product).

Step 7: 

Moisturizing before washing the curlier weave will help you to maintain the curl pattern and also decrease frizz.

Step 8: 

It is important that when washing curly weave hair, it should be shampooed often because of its high porosity level, which means dirt can get stuck in the scalp easily. You may want to even go an extra day or two without washing your hairstyle if possible so as not to overstimulate new growth too quickly!

How to Prevent Curly Weave from Tangling:

There are a few things that you can do to make sure your curly weave hair doesn’t tangle.
First and foremost, get some leave-in conditioner or curl cream (depending on what kind of curls you have). Leave it in for about 30 minutes before getting the weave wet again with water.
The second step is to use the finger comb method instead of brushing so as not to overdo tangles when loosening knots.

Lastly, you can use the comb-and-detangle method with a wide-toothed hairbrush.

Types of Curls Weave Hair Extensions

There are many types of curl extensions that exist on the market today and it is important that people know what kind of curl their natural hair type has before selecting an extension so they don’t end up unhappy with the final result after installation.

Loose Curls: 

These are extensions that have been created with smaller curls in order to give the appearance of a natural curl. They often don’t last as long as some other types and may require more maintenance than others but can still be popular amongst stylists for their versatility.

Loose-Deep Curls: 

These are extensions that have been created with bigger loose curls in order to give the appearance of a natural curl. The larger size means they won’t require as much maintenance and can stay looking fresh for longer than other types but may not be as versatile when it comes to styling.

Tight Curls: 

This is also another type of extension which mimics natural hair. However, it has larger and tighter curled strands that take up less space on the head when installed. As this takes up less space on your scalp, they generally wear out faster due to there being a higher density per square inch. However, these can make styling curly weave hair easier because you will not need products or tools like shampoo/conditioner, etc., for your hair.

Frequently Asked Question:

What Type of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Hair extensions can be a great way to add length, volume, and even color to your hair. When you are deciding on the type of extension that is best for you it really comes down to personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with trying different types until you find what works for you! Keep in mind when choosing between human or synthetic hair, the human hair will last longer. It is also more expensive but well worth it in the long run! If synthetic hair extensions are what works for you, be sure to have them trimmed every few months and take care of them with good quality shampoo & conditioner.

Tight Curls Vs. Loose Curls: Which Is Best for Me?

If you have curly hair, then it might seem that your options are limited to the styles of finger waves or braids. But there is a lot more to explore with a curly weave! A tight curly weave is perfect for people with a tighter curl pattern. The looser the curl, the more volume you can achieve, and it’s easier to create styles that will hold up throughout the day!

How Can I Maintain My Curly Weave Hair?

It is important to take care of your curly weave hair. Using good quality shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, trimming every few months (depending on the style), wearing a silk scarf or bonnet at night, and using products that don’t contain sulfates can help keep your weave looking healthy.


Moisturizing your curly weave is a way to keep it looking healthy and feeling soft. If you need help with best practices for styling, we recommend checking out our blog on how to moisturize curly weave. With these tips, you should be able to keep your curly weave looking fresh and moisturized.

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