How to Make Your Hair Less Poofy Guys

In this guide, we will share some advice & tips & tricks on how to make your hair less poofy guys. We’ll also explore what it takes to have a great hairstyle that is in-style and easy yet effective. There are plenty of different ways you can style your hair without making it too poofy, so let’s look at that!

How to Make Your Hair Less Poofy Guys

What Causes Poofy Hair?

Poofy hair can be caused by many different things, but the most common cause is the over-use of styling products. You should always start with a clean head—either wet or dry your hair before applying any product to it. The more natural and less processed the ingredients in your products are, the healthier they will be for you.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Blow dryer
  • Denman brush or comb
  • Hair Spray
  • Quality shampoo & conditioner
  • Hair gel
  • Pins or Bobby pins for styling bangs
  • Texturizing spray

How to Make Your Hair Less Poofy Guys

Use A Gel To Control The Volume:

Gels are a great way to control the volume of your hair, but you should be sure that it is non-sticky. Gels like these will allow for more natural movement and won’t make your locks too stiff or wet with product build-up. This also allows you to easily wash out any gel building up in your hair without ruining all other styling products used on top of them.

Know-How You Will Style Your Hair After It Dries:

If you know what style you want when drying off the gel (i.e., pompadour), then use this as an opportunity to create a dry look before applying anything else to your head so that after applying the gel, your hair will have the desired shape and style.

Use A Blow Dryer To Help Reduce The Volume:

If you want to reduce volume after applying the gel, then use a blow dryer! This will air-dry some of the product in order to help it cool down as well as curl up or lay flat on top of one another so that less is sticking out at different angles making for more softer-looking locks.

Hold Your Hair In Place With Texturizing Spray:

Texturizing spray can be used to help keep stray hairs from poking out too much by adding texture and grip onto them. They’re also great because they won’t get sticky like gels do which is perfect if you plan on wearing your hair down.

Brush Carefully:

Finally, brush carefully! This will help to break up any clumps or knots that may have formed and keep them from looking too poofy. When you’re done brushing gently run your fingers through it a few times before completely finishing with the styling products so as to avoid those pesky flyaways which would otherwise make for an incomplete look.

How to Style Your Hair Without Poofing It Out Too Much

There are a few different styling techniques you can use on hair that will help it look less poofy and more textured. Blow-drying your hair with the nozzle set high (or, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, just let it air dry) is one of them.

You could also opt for an old-school cool dude style by combing all the way through from front to back before using hairspray at the root and brushing in any direction necessary until finished.
Another great option would be to wet your head, then put gel on top of it and messily secure sections together with bobby pins! These are some really fun options for guys who want to avoid the poofy look.

Some Bonus Tips & Tricks

We’ll now share some tips on how you can make your hair less poofy. If you’re not sure what a high-quality product is, don’t worry! We’ve done the research for you and have made this list of helpful products that will help with this issue. They are all-natural and won’t leave behind any residue in your hair.

Let’s start out by telling which ingredients should be avoided at all costs so we know what needs to go when we’re looking for an alternative method of styling our locks. These ingredients include alcohols (most shampoos and conditioners), sulfates (most shampoos, most soaps) synthetic dyes or fragrances.

The idea is to replace these ingredients with products that are natural and will be good for your hair. When you start looking at which products should fill the voids left by chemicals in your shampoo & conditioner, keep an eye out for things like plant oils, extracts of plants, or flowers (like tea tree oil). You also want to look for a clear list of ingredients on the back label! This way, you know what’s in each product before use.

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In this post, we’ve discussed some of the most common causes for poofy hair and what you can do to fix it. To make your hair less poofy, you need to go against the grain of what it would like if you just let it do its thing. You will have much more success when styling this way because we are going against the natural growth pattern, which is usually up and out! 

We hope these tips help! Let us know if you have any more questions about how to make your hair less poofy, guys. Our team is always here to help 🙂

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