How to Dilute Foundation of Your Airbrush Makeup?

Most of us find it very difficult how to dilute foundation for airbrush. Some of them get blobbed as they are mixed with the thinner, Some of them becomes thicker.

There are tonnes of articles available on this, but none tells you the actual method of smoothly diluting the foundation of your airbrush makeup. I will show you some common problems that we face on a daily basis, an effective method and some good thinners that you can rely on. But you must know how to thin out foundation for airbrush makeup.

Most of us ,at first, try with Covergirl Queen Oil Free. It is silicone based material and it clumps horribly. Veg Glycerin with Neutrogena liquid solution have low fastness property and often get dispersed with uncomfortable staining marks. Setting sprays are runny and creates unwanted spots on your face.

The most effective method of how to dilute makeup for airbrush involves properly diluting the foundation. To do that, You have to have some petite things:

Antibacterial Alcohol
    • Antibacterial Alcohol
    • Water based glycerin thinning agent
    • Airbrush sprayer

At first, Take a plastic bottle and mildly wash it using alcohol. Then take one third of the bottle full of foundation solution into it. After that, Put some one third of foundation ratio of thinning agent into the bottle and clean the glass beads / metal beads with alcohol. Then put these three in a separate cleaned plastic bottle and shake nicely till they get mixed up. Make sure that there is no blob inside the solution.

Use common sense to initiate proper diluting. If you think the solution needs to be thinner, then add some more thinning agent. If you think, It needs some more thickening, then add some foundation. It is very hard to make it accurate at one go.

Some recommended diluting / thinning products are described below:

diluting / thinning products are
    • Graftobian Magic Set Thinning Liquid: It is liquid make up vehicle that can be used to dilute liquid make up color or pigments. It is an Acrylic based liquid thinner, So can be used in any medium you want to. It is customized for air-brushing and priced only $4.59
    • Graftobian Castor Seal: Excellent surface Lubricant and can be used as thinner in cream foundations. It gives good surface finish and upgradation property. Good surface sealing effects, Bald Wrinkles modifier and very well suited for sensitive skins. Its price is $3.99
    • Telesis Iso-Gel: Telesis Iso-Gel is the galled version of SDA40 Alcohol and Iso-propanol. It can be used in any applications where 99% Iso-propyl Alcohol is required. It provides you with controllable mixing. And priced only $7.50
    • REEL Creations - Blue Aqua Sealer: Frequently ised by pro artists in the fashion and film industry. It is termed as the “Best sealer of All”.
    • Mehron Mixing Liquid: It can turn any solid pigment or dye completely. It gives good solubilizing property. Lasts longer with less wear and good fastness property. It is priced only $6.99.
    • Paint and Powder Isopropyl Myristate: It gives more sheer coverage. But it is thought to have hazardous materials so can’t be shipped outside the USA. It is priced $7.95
    • RCMA Foundation Thinner: Colorless thinning material that can be used to thin or sheer out any material that has solid organic or inorganic pigments.
    • Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray: It delivers hydrating and revitalizing skin pores and very neat and healthy to use. It is priced $10.80
    • RCMA Foundation - Clear: It’s also a vehicle for foundation and gives thinning effect by sheering out properties to the skin. It is priced a bit higher, $22.00
    • Natural Born Cosmetics Setting Spray : Good fastness on the skin. Gives lubrication to dry skin and good sheering power. It is priced $9.50

Air spray makeups are more viable for everyday use and long lasting effects. If you didn’t know how to dilute foundation for airbrush makeup, then just go use this method. You can come back and thank me later. 🙂

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