How to Cover Up a Scab

We all get persistent cysts or zits once in a while and when they finally bless you by bidding farewell, they always remember to leave a scab or mark behind. That’s a huge pain the ass, right? A scab makes it longer for a wound to heal. Sometimes it is even worse after having a child, that's why some mothers consider a mummy makeover after having a child. Here is a tip to preventing a scab from forming: apply petroleum jelly (make sure it won’t clog pores!) to keep the wound moist. But if you do seem to get a scab, fortunately, those self-conscious, “checking the mirror every ten seconds to see if it has faded” days are long gone in this era of concealers and foundations. So, let’s see how to cover up a scab in minutes and slay the day with full confidence!

Choose the right concealer:

 quality concealer that matches your skin

Buy a good quality concealer that matches your skin tone and also make sure it is non-comedogenic. If it isn’t non-comedogenic, it will cause clogged pores which will result in breakouts! Yikes! You wouldn’t want that!
If you have oily skin with enlarged pores, do not buy a creamy or stick concealer. They will clog the pores or leave a shiny film on the area.

Prepping the Spot:

Gently rub a cotton ball that is soaked in rubbing alcohol on the scab and let the scab dry for a while. Now, to speed up the healing process, apply an antibacterial cream. It will also prep the scab for smooth application of makeup. You can also use a primer instead, just make sure it is prepared specially for acne-prone skin.

How to Cover Up a Scab

Applying the Concealer:

Wash your hands to make sure they are completely clean. Dirty hands will only aggravate your breakouts.

Take a bit of concealer on to your finger and carefully, dab it on the scab. Don’t rub it in; just gently pat it on the area. Following the same process, apply a second layer of concealer and let it dry.

If you need to apply liquid foundation on the face, apply it with a makeup sponge. Lightly dab the foundation on to the area and make sure not to rub it on the scab, otherwise, it may cause the concealer to fade. Dust loose powder in the area and it will stay in place throughout the day. Voila! Your scab is gone!

Do not let a pimple or scab stop you from conquering the world even for a day; no matter how monstrous it looks! By following this simple method, you can cover up an acne scab efficiently and easily.

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