How to Cover Lace Front With Makeup

Many women are self-conscious about their hairline. If you’re one of them, you may have considered wearing a lace front wig to cover your hairline. But you would be surprised to know that you can also use makeup to cover your lace front. In this article, we’ll show you how to cover lace front with makeup. So keep reading for tips and tricks on making your lace front look flawless!

How to Cover Lace Front With Makeup

Makeup is typically used on healthy skin. If you’re wearing a lace front wig, the hairline on your forehead has been compromised. You can use makeup to hide patches from your damaged hairline, but you must take the necessary precautions.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Contouring Powder
  • Concealer brush
  • Powder brush
  • Hairspray

A Step by Step Guide on How to Cover Lace Front With Makeup

Step 1: Before You Start

It would help if you got a shade lighter than your skin tone. Since this area of the hair will be lighter, it will look much more natural in contrast with your dark skin tone. This way, the lace will blend in naturally, and no one can tell that it’s a wig.

Fix Contrast With Your Dark Skin Tone

This step isn’t necessary if you’re concealing underneath the front only. Skip ahead to step 3 if this is the case

Step 2: Conceal (and Contour)

You would typically use concealer under the eyes or on any blemishes; apply some there and directly onto where you see your lace part. You don’t need to use too much, but make sure it’s enough to cover the lace completely. If you don’t have any shade lighter than your skin tone, use a regular concealer that matches your skin tone.

If you want to add some shading and contouring around the part area for a more natural look, use a dark powder to do so. Dab it lightly on the forehead, nose bridge, and chin to accentuate those areas. This will make the part stand out less, which will result in a more natural look overall.

Step 3: Foundation Application

Don’t use too much foundation around the hairline because this will create too much of a contrast with your actual hairline and make it easier for people to tell if it’s lace or not. So go ahead and apply some onto the “hairline” and blend it in with the concealer. But, again, make sure everything is smooth and even.

Step 4: Conceal Again

Apply a bit more of your shade lighter than before to the part area, making sure that you go all around that area rather than focus on one spot, or else it’ll look too obvious that you’re wearing a lace front wig. How much product you use will depend on how dark your skin tone is but make sure not to use too much because this will make it way too noticeable.

Apply a Bit More Conceal

Step 5: Setting Powder Application

This step isn’t necessary for everyone because not everyone sweats or gets oily at the hairline, but if this happens to be an issue for you, I suggest using some powder to put everything in place. This is mainly to prevent the concealer and foundation from smearing and moving around, so you may skip this step.

Apply some powder onto a powder brush and sweep it across your forehead, nose bridge, and chin area. How much you should use will depend on how oily or sweaty your skin type is but make sure not to go overboard with it because too much powder will only make the makeup look cakey rather than natural.

Step 6: Hairspray Application

Last but not least, lightly mist some hairspray all over your face or where applicable because even though there are tutorials that say to skip this step, I highly recommend it because otherwise, the makeup won last very long. How much you should use will depend on how well your makeup is holding up, so if it’s not enough, keep spraying until everything is set.

Step 7: Carry The Look

Once you’re done with all this application and setting, go ahead and put on some sunscreen or foundation that matches your skin tone precisely because the lace front wig color will be lighter than your actual skin tone, which means that any other makeup that isn’t lighter than your skin tone won’t look right. You can also put on a thin-looking wig cap underneath to make sure no one can tell it’s a lace front wig at first glance.

I hope this article helps everyone who was wondering how to hide their lace front wigs without people knowing. This is the only article that I know of that teaches you how to conceal a lace front wig properly, and it’s what I use to hide mine all the time, so try it out if you need some extra help in concealing. Yours!

Use Makeup Brush


  • When applying makeup, use a cotton swab or makeup brush with stiff bristles to press down on the wig cap and gently wipe away excess powder. Although it is safe to touch the hair, avoid doing so as much as possible.
  • To secure the wig, spray your favorite working hairspray onto fingertips and run fingers through the full lace wig until the desired hold is achieved.
  • When washing lace wigs, use cold water to remove product buildup and refresh the hair. For thorough cleaning, shampoo with lukewarm water. Gently towel dry and allow the wig to air-dry overnight before wear.
  • It is essential to invest in your makeup brush kit. Using the proper tools to apply your wig will always yield better results.
  • Keep wig away from direct heat or harsh sunlight, as this will cause it to dry out and potentially become damaged.

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It is possible to cover up your lace front wig without any issues. First, however, you need to know how to do it correctly. In this article on how to cover lace front with makeup, we have outlined the best way to do this so that your lace front wig looks natural and undetectable.

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