How to Clean Your Airbrush Gun?

Airbrush makeup is a great technique to apply even makeup that will cover all your skin imperfections with the least amount of products. For your flawless makeup application you will need to use a clean airbrush gun every time to make sure that your makeup is hygienic and will not cause any problems. This is why you need to know how to clean airbrush gun to make sure that you are applying your makeup using a clean tool that will keep your skin healthy.

Why do I need to clean my airbrush gun?

Makeup is made of chemicals that will react with heat, air and light. It will oxidize and change composition and this is why you need to know how to clean airbrush gun to keep your skin healthy. When you don’t clean your airbrush gun properly, your new makeup will be mixed with old decomposed one that is not healthy to apply to your skin. This can cause to a lot of skin problems. The whole idea of using airbrush makeup is to use makeup that is healthy and clean. When you don’t know how to clean an airbrush gun you are losing one of the best benefits of airbrush makeup.

How to clean airbrush gun?

Cleaning your airbrush gun is essential to ensure that you’re using a hygienic tool to apply the makeup that will get in contact and stay on your skin for a long time. This is why you need to make sure that you are using the best and most effective way to learn how to clean airbrush makeup gun:

clean airbrush gun
  • Make sure not to use hot water. Your airbrush gun may contain plastic parts and the hot water might harm them. It is always better to use warm water.
  • Before the airbrush makeup is completely dry, it will be easier to clean the airbrush gun. Just add some warm water into the cup that is usually filled with makeup and rinse. Do this a few times until the cup is makeup free.
  • Plug in the airbrush gun and put the tip in a bowl filled with water. Set it to on and start to spray. Make sure that the needle and the cup are under the water, but keep the power cord away from water to avoid electric shock.
  • Now hold your finger tip at the needle cap and pull the trigger. This will allow the air to flow backwards to clean all the remains of the makeup.
  • Make sure that your airbrush gun is clean by spraying it onto tissue paper or a napkin. When the air comes clean with no traces of color, then you have finished your job successfully.

Learning how to clean airbrush gun will ensure that you will have a healthy and clean tool to apply your makeup every day. This means that your skin will stay healthy and you will have the perfect makeup look you’ve always wanted.

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