How to Change Bulb in Conair Makeup Mirror

In this guide, we will discuss how to change bulb in conair makeup mirror. So, Many people struggle with changing the bulbs in their Conair makeup mirror. Luckily, we are here to help. Read on, and we will show you how to change the bulb in a Conair makeup mirror!

How to Change Bulb in Conair Makeup Mirror

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Replacement lightbulb
  • Paper towel or cloth coverings (to keep from touching oil)
  • Cap or wrap paper towels for disposal (if the old socket is broken)

Instructions on How to Change Bulbs in Conner Makeup Mirrors

Step One: Turn Off Power

Turn off power to the mirror by flipping the switch at its base. Then remove the old bulb. This is often done by a twist and pull motion. When you do so, be careful not to touch the glass as it’s covered in oil from your hands that can smudge up the mirror. Once removed make sure to cap or wrap with a paper towel for disposal and use them as needed throughout the process.

Step Two: Remove the Bottom Cover 

This will expose one wire that needs to be disconnected and discarded safely. Dispose of it according to local regulations; do not just toss it onto the ground!

NOTE – there may also be two wires connected if your Conair makeup mirror is dual voltage like ours was so don’t cut either wire until you know which one is the ground.

Step Three – Remove Screws

Remove screws on both sides of the light assembly using a flathead screwdriver. 

Step Four: Remove Light

Remove light assembly by pulling it straight out and set aside.

Step Five: Remove Old Bulb From the Socket

Push up slightly on metal tabs of the old bulb to release it so that you can pull gently upwards while wiggling side-to-side until both are free.

If the tab breaks off with a little pressure but otherwise comes out easily then try pushing down on the other end instead to get them loose first before trying this method; also check for any obstructions inside or around lamp posts that might inhibit removal like pieces of broken glass or plugs removed)

(NOTE – if your mirror has bulbs installed in pairs, there will be two sockets). 

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Change the Light in My Makeup Mirror?

Change the light bulb in your makeup mirror if it is not working. First, unplug your mirror and remove any excess cords that might be plugged into a nearby outlet. Next, find an old T-shirt or another piece of cloth you can use to cover both hands when changing the bulb because the broken glass will result.

How Do I Change the Light in My Makeup Mirror

Wipe down the area where you’ll change the bulbs with alcohol for good measure (don’t worry about wetting anything else). Now take out one side of protective cardboard packaging covering the new fixture by pressing on it from either end until it snaps off. This should make replacing bulbs easier next time around as well!

What Kind Should I Use in a Vanity Mirror?

There are two main types of bulbs used in a vanity mirror, incandescent and fluorescent. Contrary to popular belief, it is not hard at all to change the light fixture on your makeup or makeup mirror.

What Kind Should I Use in a Vanity Mirror


The Conair makeup mirror is a convenient way to see your looks in more detail. If the light bulb burns out, follow the above steps for replacing it with either an incandescent or fluorescent model.

For most people, this should be a quick and easy guide for how to change bulbs in the Conair makeup mirror; just make sure you have all of the right tools on hand before beginning!

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