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A makeup artist is a mandatory part of any wedding. He/She has done the makeup of the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid, other relatives and of course the bride herself. How much do makeup artists charge for weddings mainly depends on his or her experience, the location and the number of people too. Most of the brides-to-be do not have any idea about how much do makeup artist charge for wedding make-ups.

In this post, I’m going to describe approximate numbers, additional costs and some tips to have an eloquent wedding makeup package:

How Much It Might Cost:

    • You can have a preview session If you hire a professional makeup artist. There you can discuss your options and choose from them. Then a trial run could help you decide if it’s something that you really want. A preview actually costs up to $45 to $90 on an average. Sometimes it depends on products, Like: Airbrush Makeup cost.
    • On a special day, The cost of makeup will depend on who’s getting the makeup done. For the bride, the whole application can cost up to $50 to $250, while for the rest of the bridal party costs up to $30 to $100. An experienced famed artist can charge more than $600 per person. The bridal makeup costs more than anyone else because the artist has spent more time and attention.
    • Corporate ventures companies such as MAC, will come over to your wedding party and do makeup for $200 per person, but in order to do so, you might have to purchase $50 worth of any product to take their advantages
    • It costs more if you have makeup and hair separately. While the lowest for combination would be $150 average.
    • Moreover, It resonates from area to area. Houston, TX costs more (up to $290 while in NY it’s possible to get one within $80)
How Much Do Makeup Artists Charge For Wedding

Costs That are Going to be Included:

    • A professional artist will consult with you before the wedding date to make sure parties know what to expect. If you want to have a sample makeup, A mere charge may be applicable. It can be done free if you sign a makeup.
    • A professional makeup artist would come over with his/her tools and accessories. Like Lighting, Chair, Products needed for makeup to apply efficiently.
    • The artists can work on the makeups of the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride and even the flower girls.
    • You just have to place 50% down and other 50% applied toward your final bill. This money that you have to give up front is just making sure that they will appear on time.

Some Extra Costs:

    • You have to pay the freight charges if the makeup artist has to travel to reach your wedding destination. It can cost up to $80 if it’s in nearby cities. They cost may go up, If they have to travel more than 25 miles.
    • If you want a professional artist to stick around the wedding for hourly touch ups, An additional hourly rates will be applied.
Travel Cost of the Makeup Artist
    • Although not necessary, many wedding makeup artists may expect a tip. These tips may range from 10% to 15% of the total bill.
    • Additional services such as special lashes can cost from $10 to $20 per person
    • For parties larger than 10 people, A professional might want to bring an assistant as a helping hand for his/her job, especially if there is a tight time schedule.

Some Tips to Know:

    • Surf Internet ahead of time and try to gain some profound idea on color schemes and styles to give the artist a clear idea what you are looking for. If want any creative customized theme, You have to tell him/her ahead of time. You should also have proper idea on things like: How much does an airbrush cost.
    • Book your artist as early as possible. Because Experienced ones may have their reservations booked long ago with a tight schedule.
    • Always try to have a look at their previous works and portfolios to an idea about their caliber and think if you are happy with them and their wedding makeup cost.

How To Save Money:

    • Most artists offer an alluring discount to larger parties. The scheme goes up with the number of persons.
    • Most of the artist would do hair and makeup together in a package. It is really cost effective.
Hair and Makeup Together in a Package Are Cost Effective
    • If the artist charges by the hourly system, Keep the whole party nearby. So that there is no waste of time while switching.

I hope this gave you an outlook of how much do makeup artists charge for weddings. Best of luck.

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