How Laser Hair Removal Could And Botox Courses Save You Time and Money.

We’ve all experienced this: you are already running late for work or a special event and you suddenly realize that you have missed a patch of hair on your legs. You are now either forced to do a quick dry shave, causing irritation and redness, or maybe you even need to change the outfit you had planned. The worst thing would be getting to your destination before realizing that you missed a spot shaving.

But what if you never had to worry about unsightly hair? For both men and women, managing unwanted hair can cost you time and money, and can lead you to self-consciousness and embarrassing situations. With laser hair removal, you get a safe and effective way to inhibit hair growth, and you can stop fussing with expensive shaving or waxing products and stop wasting precious minutes removing hair everyday. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the other benefits and considerations about laser hair removal that could make it your ideal solution to unwanted hair. At Canada MedLaser they offer hair removal solutions for both face and body areas.

Time and Cost Investment of Laser Hair Removal

Time and Cost Investment of Laser Hair Removal

The time and cost of your laser hair removal will depend on several factors, but the size of the area you are treating is one the biggest considerations. On average, laser hair removal achieves around 80% reduction of hair within 4 to 6 sessions. For legs, each session will be around one to two hours and will be performed about every four weeks to achieve optimal results.

While the results are not completely permanent, you are unlikely to need a touch up treatment for at least 6 months to a year. Your touch up treatment will be much less intensive, and your results are likely to be even better the more often you get the procedure done for any type of body hair, also in ComplexCity Spa you can get your permanent eyebrows and more !

Laser Hair Removal Vs. Other Hair Removal Methods

Shaving, waxing, bleaching and depilatory creams all have advantages and disadvantages. The initial cost may seem much cheaper than laser method, but the length of time each method lasts and the frequency they must be performed must all be considered to get a full picture.

Shaving, overall, is the cheapest method of hair removal but can still represent a significant cost depending on the type of razors and shaving products you use. Moreover, shaving often has to be done everyday, potentially even multiple times per day in the case of unwanted facial hair.

Waxing is a longer lasting treatment but can be messy and painful to do at home and increases the chance of ingrown hairs. Salon waxing will be more expensive and will require repeat procedures roughly every three to six weeks. Each method will also require more of a time investment than laser hair removal and is more likely to leave you in the position of having to scramble to remove hair when in a rush.  

Choosing Laser Hair Removal for Your Needs

Each hair removal method has benefits and drawbacks. While laser hair removal requires a larger upfront cost, it will last longer than other methods and also reduce the amount of time that you have to spend managing your unwanted hair.  

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