How to Make Homemade Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup promises a flawless and natural look with the least amount of product. The foundation or makeup product is evenly sprayed on the top layer of your skin to ensure the most flawless look without looking too heavy or cakey.

This means that there will be minimum pore clogging and a thin layer will be used to cover all skin imperfections for a photoshopped look that is very hard to achieve with other traditional methods. But is it possible to prepare homemade airbrush makeup? Is a DIY option more practical than buying commercial brands?

How to Make Your Homemade Airbrush Makeup?

Homemade Airbrush Makeup

You can make your own airbrush foundation using some simple ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. The process is easy and you will also save some bucks.

What you will need:

  • 4 cups of cornstarch.
  • ½ cup of glycerine.
  • 1 cup of water or less for consistency.
  • 2 cups of baking soda.
  • 4 cups of vinegar.
  • Your favorite concealer or foundation.
  • Different shades of powdered mica.
  • Storage jars.

How to prepare homemade airbrush makeup:

  • Prepare the base of the airbrush makeup by mixing vinegar with baking soda. Let the mixture rest aside.
  • Mix the glycerine with the cornstarch and add them to the baking soda and the vinegar mixture. Use a spoon to mix and stir them until they have a whipped consistency. Make sure that there are no lumps or air pockets.
  • Add the water slowly. Make sure that you add it drop by drop so that the makeup doesn’t run. If you want a lighter consistency, then add more water.
  • Now it is time to decide what you want to prepare. If you want to prepare a foundation or a concealer then you should add them to the DIY airbrush makeup you made. If you are preparing eye shadow, lipstick or face paint then you will add the colored powdered mica. Food coloring can be used to prepare your own DIY lip color.
  • Now try the makeup with your airbrush machine gun. You might want to try it first on paper towels or on your arm to see the consistency. If it too thick you might want to add more water. If it is too light or runny then add some cornstarch.
  • Store your DIY makeup in a closed jar and keep it away from light and heat.
homemade airbrush makeup

Homemade airbrush makeup is not really hard to prepare but the results will vary according to the consistency that you achieve by adding more or less water. You can also make your very own DIY airbrush makeup machine if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and still want to achieve a flawless makeup look.

The first thing that you need to do is to buy a high quality airbrush gun. There are a lot of models available on the market, the best one should be a gun that has a low pressure per square inch because this means that it will be easier to handle and control.

Buying a high-quality airbrush gun will ensure that your airbrush makeup will be applied beautifully and flawlessly. There are some machines that are available for bakery and such fine work. These will be a lot more suitable than big guns that can’t handle fine details.

Next, you will have to buy an air compressor. Make sure that your compressor has a gauge that will allow you to adjust the pressure. This means that you will be able to apply the makeup the way you want it. You might also want to test the compressor to make sure that it is not loud.

After attaching the hose to the gun and feeding the airbrush makeup into the machine, it is time to test your DIY airbrush makeup machine. First you might want to test it on your arm in order to adjust the pressure.

If the pressure is too low, your makeup will not be applied and your machine will not work. The best pressure would be between eight to twelve PSI. Make sure that you close your eyes to make sure that the makeup doesn’t hurt them.

Now you have your own airbrush makeup system that will work perfectly and you will be able to achieve the makeup look you’ve always wanted and dreamt of.

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