Women Innovate! A New Frontier of Sports Makeup

Ladies have all, at one time or another, encountered the challenge of wearing makeup if they will be sweating. It does not matter whether they are taking part in a field event for several hours or are just having a short session at the gym, during breaks at work, or between meetings. The problem of sweat and makeup will always be there facing them. Even when they use the best brands, they still do not work with perspiration. It is from this background that a business idea was born.

Women Innovate! A New Frontier of Sports Makeup

Soccer players’ struggle with sweat

Courtney Jones, a past professional football player, shares about her new business, Sweat Cosmetics, are processed in the cosmetics laboratory. She started the idea together with her two co-founders, Emily Rines and Taryn Hemmings, all of whom were teammates on the women’s soccer team at Denver University. The three ladies noticed the issue of sweat and makeup more glaringly than it is noticed by others. With over 20 ladies on the pitch, it was pretty easy to tell that makeup and sweat do not blend.

Soccer players’ struggle with sweat

The three co-founders would find ladies who had applied foundation on their face, and it would obviously start melting off as the game got more serious and there was sweat. Some ladies avoided foundation and instead used sunscreen thanks to them being conscious of UV. So these ladies would cover their faces with a white product that came out as white paste. By halftime, the sunscreen would be dripping thanks to perspiration.

While makeup is crucial for the beauty and protection of an athlete’s face, they also need to watch their fitness closely to have good performance. To achieve fitness, they need to do workouts and eat a proper diet. They can also include steroids from reliable sellers like Steroidsfax into their routine to supplement diet and exercise.

Identifying a business opportunity

The market had yet to witness a range of makeup custom made for female athletes. Courtney, Taryn, and Emily saw the gap and felt that there was an opportunity and massive potential for makeup that could withstand sweat and protect the skin from the sun. The three worked with a chemist specializing in cosmetics based in Los Angeles. Courtney, who is naturally a makeup enthusiast, got to see a different side of makeup—the product development, as opposed to what she was used to—buying and trying.

Great team of women in business

Great team of women in business

The company has a very strong team of female athletes, and to their advantage, Emily Rhines has an accounting digress besides being an athlete. Courtney discloses that they have come to admit that they are newbies in entrepreneurship and are just learning the ropes. Fortunately, there are investors and advisors who have faith in them and their business and will guide them. The good thing is that the co-founders have a great and innovative idea that will transform the industry and also have the zeal to make it work. The two are critical factors in setting up a successful business.

The great strides made so far

The company has made great progress, going from the initial idea and coming together of the team in 2012 to the launch of products online in 2015. Courtney says that although the business has already started, they have yet to take off. The best thing is they are motivated and work hard every day to push it. One recent feat that they have had is to get Sephora, one of the biggest names in cosmetics, as their distributor. Other achievements include partnering with reputable companies such as Orange Theory, Lululemon, and others.


Moreover, the company has a team of ambassadors who are quite different from those of other makeup companies. The ambassadors are not just athletes but influencers among their people. Some of them are names like Natasha Hastings, the Olympic runner and field runner, Elena Hight, a pro snowboarder, and Marissa Dodd, a renowned pro golfer. All of these female ambassadors connect with the brand and help to promote it as a cosmetic company by female athletes for female athletes with the goal of empowerment.

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